My Sick Perverted Secret

From the time I was 15 til I was 23, I worked as a w**** with my brother as my "business manager". I'm naturally short and thin with tiny t*** so I looked younger than my age. I made a h*** of a lot of money because of my gimmick.

It started when my brother once told me about this retarded girl he had screwed once. He kept on going on about it so I started making fun of him by doing mock-retarded-girl things. It turned him on and he started messing with me. For some godawful reason I didn't stop him and he ended up popping my cherry.

It was his idea to make money off of me pretending to be a retarded w****. I didn't think it would work. But it did - men were paying $1000 a lay to do a "retarded" girl. My asshat brother spent all his on s*** but I tucked most of mine in savings. By the time I got out of college I had 600 large saved up.

I left Canada for the US, bought a business, met a guy, got married, had kids, got divorced. A couple of years ago I became tempted to start hooking again just for fun, but I didn't have a p*** to call off the rough and dangerous ones. So that's still a fantasy. A couple of times I met guys on Craigslist who play-acted with me being retarded, but they were far too gentle to arouse me.

I still think the best s** of my life was when I was pretending to be retarded.

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  • Interesting story, I'd like to talk to you a bit. Long shot, but update ?

  • This actually turned me on, weird!

  • Chuck Palahniuk? Is that you?

  • CONGRATULATIONS!!!! I hope you feel better now that youve got that off of your chest!Sadly though it doesnt change the fact that you are a W**** ,a very wealthy w****. Sadly your kids are going to find out oneday because everything has a way of revealing itself , and then theyre going to think of you as the scum that walks the earth , hate you forever and break all ties with you and then youre going to end up all alone oneday , with a bottle of Jack in one hand ,the smell of c** from the old guy that just left your 1 bedroom s***** apartment, and then youre going to realise that youre werent pretending to be retarded at all.You really are. This will soon be followed by a shotgun to the face. Good luck though.

  • Is the word "tolerance" in your dictionary?

  • wow i have never heard anything like that b 4

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