I hate my stepdad

I hate this piece of s***. My mom and I lived in Slovakia peacefully we had no problems we didn´t fought (I´ve been around 10 years old). My mom an dad divorced as I´ve been 5 years old but they never yelled at each other. So as I´ve been 10 my mom met this men my they got married and my mom and I moved to Vienna to him. The first 1-2 years we pretty okay, then my litle brother was born in 2016. The things started to get f***** there. My stepfather started to actually bully me called me names and if something stoped working in the house it was my fault because obviously I destroyed it. My stepfather started to yell and some time beat my mom about 2018. At this time I only came out from my room when I wanted to eat something or just use the toilet. He is f****** retarded you can´t even speak to him normaly because he just understand the things that he wants to hear and nothing else. He weekly fights with my mom over childish bullshit and tells her that no one will ever love her again after him because she´s fat and ugly (actually my mom is pretty skinny and looks way younger than her age is). One time when we ate pizza I don´t wanted to eat the one with mushrooms (I don´t like mushrooms) so I wanted to open the box of the other pizza then he tolled me that I do not open it, because he wants to eat it later. I said politely okay stood up washed my plate and went to my room. Then he started to yell at my mom for me not beeing thanksful. Afterwards he came to my room and told me if I ever annoy him again he will beat the s*** out of me. Since that day I dream of killing him I would do anything to freee the world from such a f****** terrible retarded peace of s***. He not once slapped my 3 years old brother for things that every child does like breaking a jar or something. My mom and him are going to divorce but the tells everybody that my mother is a s*** and he was used for everything he says that he is the victim in this story. I hope that he will slowly and painfully die.

May 9, 2020

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  • My step dad molested me from the time i was 4 or 5 till i was about 10
    It was about 5 years of h***.
    Mom never knew but he had me giving him b******* at least once a day if i was lucky that all he did.

  • Then leave

  • Have him arrested for abuse.

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