I love him

I'm only seventeen and have been dating this guy for three months but I'm completely in love and he told me he can see us together for a long time. This might sound crazy, but I can see us lasting for the rest of our lives. No, I'm not naive and I'm not just saying that. I completely, one hundred percent can see us being together the rest of our lives, because we're that great of a match. I've never been so happy. Even so, the idea that I might have found the right guy already kind of scares me. I don't know why.

Oct 3, 2010

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  • Yeah, i just got out of a three year long relationship, Im 18, i was engaged.... Dont pin you entire future on this guy. You might end up hurt. I think you and i are too young to find the right guy. Honey we are too young. It happens, but just procede with caution.... life doesnt turn out the way you want it too....

  • honey im so happy for you that u found some one that ur so into...im about ur age..im 18 and my girls 17...but listen..u can see u having ur lives together but do u see the bad that could happen? im not trying to discourage you because it could happen..u could be with him forever...u never no though so dont get ur hopes up..

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