I'm a young man working and going to college I'm a supervisor at a warehouse so I manage to make enough to support myself fairly. Just yesterday I wewento buy some gym clothes at a store from afar I couldn't keep my eyes off a attractive face she was a beautiful girl short hair glasses nice lips big round eyes and long eyelashes with perfect eyebrows hoping shed check me out knowing she stood behind a register she moved quickly but didn't her smile was just breathtaking she didn't ring me up but I couldn't keep eyes off she had a tie and slim pants and shirt that suited her attractive to me which is rare knowing she's gay I couldn't help but make eye contact and look down why do I feel this attraction towards a gay girl? I have to admit she was the most gorgeous girl I'd ever seen no where near manly just perfect now I find myself constantly thinking about her and it's bothering me! The image of her perfect smile and beautiful hazel eyes stick with me

Apr 26, 2015

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  • PLEASE DON'T GIVE UP ON THIS GIRL! Yes, she may appear to be a lesbian, or as someone who identifies with what we think of as having those desires. But remember, many people who seem to be either heterosexual or homosexual actually have BISEXUAL inclinations and are VERY interested in having s** with both men AND women. Your girl may very well fit into that sexy second category (or you could simply be wrong about her appearance: maybe she is WILDLY hetero!!). And if you think you're attracted to her now, just wait until you're dating her, knowing that she's also sleeping with other women! What seems incomprehensible and unattainable now may soon make you the luckiest man alive. TELL HER YOU'RE REALLY SERIOUSLY INTERESTED and then let nature take it's course. You could be a few days away from absolute heaven. But don't let some other, bolder dude walk away with your prize! GET TO WORK!!!

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