I'm like the proverbial little boy on the playground throwing rock

At the pretty girls head. Except I'm 20 and I'm supposed to be the girl. If I meet a guy I like my first instinct is usually to annoy him. To poke him. Just to see his reaction. I never learnt to really associate with guys I'm atracted too properly through teen years, obviously.

I don't really annoy and throw jibes in such a situation as that anymore, I throw out this 'delusion' of normality. They don't know I'm a nut job, teehee. Still, if I meet a cool guy in real life or see one on the tv my FIRST thoughts are usually "hmm... I wonder what would happen if somebody walked up to them and did such and such. Haha. They'd probably be like ?_? and I'd be like ^_^ 'just because.'"

Fortunately I'm a writer and this has made for some very very humorous story ideas. I'm going to make a million off of my insanity someday!

And now that I've learnt to keep my mouth shut, my future husband will nevah see me coming! :D

Oct 13, 2010

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  • Was there insanity in your family get a friend to go to dr with you he will send u for help

  • Well, from one writer to another, you had me at the beginning, but lets face it, you're a normal 20 year old.

    People like to label themselves. When anyone says "I'm a b****." or "I'm weird." or "I'm an a******.", they usually aren't, because we'd know by your actions, not by you telling us. I mean really, teehee? The emotes? Those aren't weird, just you trying to be cute.

    If you're a writer you should tell us their reactions, not simplify it to emotes. Always be descriptive.

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