Please help me

I used to have hundreds of friends. life was as good as it can be. i was the great in studies, sports and was like the hero of my group. but for the past 6 months life has been a nightmare for me.
i have lost each of my friend 1 by 1. i came to know the reason why they were with me. someone was for the money i spend on them, someone for sharing my flat, and others so that they can talk to the girls through me. just yesterday i lost my last friend. now there is no one i can talk to. i go to school, come back and lie down on the bed all day. i dont even like to go to school any more and guess what, i have started failing in the studies and have drowned myself in drugs to avoid seeing the ugly side of the humanity.
something is wrong with my brain (even the doctors r not been able to figure out the problem) so i keep getting these neurological attacks where i completely black out on the middle of a busy road or somewhere. i dont believe in god any more. even if he exists he doesnt likes me, so what's the point in believing in him. everything that can possibly go wrong is going wrong. its like somebody has done some voodoo or something on me.
i m on the verge of ending my life. please help me...

Oct 14, 2010

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  • Luckily in the age of social media we are living in a great time for networking. I would suggest . You can view different groups and interests and meet people that have things in common with you, as well as basic teenage groups I am sure. Good luck.

  • Those people were not your friends. You are better off without people using you. Take this time to think about who YOU are and what it is that makes YOU happy. What do you like? Get involved in a group based on your interests. Challenge yourself to a week without drugs and do something more productive with your time. Take a walk, read a book, buy a cookbook and try a recipe, start a journal, paint your bedroom, take up boxing. And please, talk to someone. You don't have to be alone. H***, talk to one of your teachers about what you're going through. Talk to SOMEONE. Your health problems can get better (try looking into all of your options. See a naturalist/acupunturist if you can), but please realize that it is up to YOU to change your life for the better. Not anyone else's.

  • start over.. meet new ppl, make new friends...
    God doesnt hate you..
    everyone makes mistakes... we are all just human.
    Ask for forgivness.. and get a hold of yourself. really.

  • There is no hope just do it

  • WTF you are crazy

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