Cheating on my wife

So I am probably guilty of having an emotional affair with a women that I met online about 3 months ago. I am now seriously tempted to take it to the next level. I have never been with another woman other than my wife (been together 8 years) and find the thought of sleeping with another woman exciting and as though I want to explore that curiosity. What should I do?

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  • Are you sexy? We should get together. LOL j/k

  • Don't do it. I was in your shoes and I was caught. It might seem exciting at first, but the guilt and emotional price you have to pay are both high. Not worth it.

  • That's what happens when you don't play the field before you get married. I got married at 19, thought I was done partying and ready to settle down, had a baby.. and now, 3 yrs later I'm bored as f*** and falling pretty hard for someone else. It sucks, but if you love your wife, get counseling and make it work. Especially if you have kids. That's what I'm doing, now lets see if it can make me not f*** this other guy.

  • Don't do it. You will be throwing away everything you and your wife have together. Do you really want to hurt someone you love? Also remember, life has a way of coming back at you. Treat others the way you want to be treated!

  • Every time your wife answers the phone, you'll wonder if it's somebody telling her what you did, or if it's your "girlfriend".
    Everytime your wife doesn't feel good or gets a little depressed, you'll wonder if she somehow "found out".
    When you're out with your wife, you'll always be looking over your shoulder to see if your mistress is around.
    When you're out with your mistress, you'll always be looking around to see if your wife is around.
    It's one big, contant pain in the ass and 99 times out of a hundred, it's not worth it.
    And that's if you DON'T get caught.
    So, unless this chick looks like an 18 y.o. Farrah Fawcett, forget it.

  • this will all blow up in your face. i was in your shoes 3 years ago and almost lost everything. don't do it.

  • From the poster: So what did you do to recover and bring yourself back from the edge?

  • You will absolutely regret it. Do NOT cheat on your wife. You will carry that guilt for the rest of your life. Seriously...just don't.

  • please please don't do this. you will regret it. it will not be worth it.

  • Don't cheat on your wife! Don't even think of this! Who told you that s** with other woman is better than with your wife! She is your love... she is your life... she is your family! How can you do this to her!?

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