I'm sorry..

I almost raped my little sister when I was 10. She was only 6. 6 years have passed since then and I still feel the same amount of guilt that I did after that moment. She still loves me. I love her too, but I don't deserve her love. I will have to live with my guilt for the rest of my life, but right now it's killing me. I'm so sorry.

Oct 19, 2010

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  • My cousin touched me for the first time at 10 years of age. We boys slept together and that night my cousin 1 year older to me touched my p**** and guided by hand to touch his p****. But the erection at a tender age was that exciting and twingling I could do nothing but to catch my breath and astonished to such massage. The second night also we stroked each other. Being small kids there was no c**. This continued till our holidays end and we
    parted to our homes. While back home I started masturbating myself and enjoyed every night. One night I decided to sleep next to my sister. When every one were asleep, I got up and sat near my sister 1 year younger to me about 8 and half year old. I first took my sleeping sisters hand and kept in on by erect small p****. Still she was asleep. Slowly I put my hands into her small panty and slightly reached to wedge of her small v*****. This movement made her awake and it took some time for her to acknowledge that her brother is touching her and her hand is on his erect p****. She though kid whispered is that your brother and I said yes. But she did not take her hand away or did not try to shoo away my hands from her p****. Having no idea about s**, we just massaged each other and I fingered and she just felt my erect p****. After some time I retreated and she too went to sleep. We continued this for some days. But later due to change of our rooms and presence other family members, the act stopped and the night activity was forgotten. But as I grew older and my sister too grew to more maturity, I yearned for those enjoyable days and tried all my best to get cosy with my sister. But she ignored all my approaches and slowly all was forgotten.

  • Rape is wrong but I want her 6 yr old p****

  • I think these commenter are being too forgiving. People LOOOVE to forgive rape, it's one of their favorite things to do.

    Dude, you're totally right. You suck. Don't ever do anything remotely resembling that ever again. Luckily, not many people can remember their childhoods, so they follow the erroneous paradigm that Children Don't Understand What's Going On. I was raped by a little kid when I was a little kid. It f****** sucks, and being raped by a little kid instead of an adult doesn't make it any better. Feel that guilt. Guilt's a good thing. It's what separates men from douchebags who need to f****** die.

    Whether you like it or not, you basically told your sister, "You are a woman and you're only for s**, even members of your own family think so." It doesn't matter if you didn't know that doing something like that to someone was wrong. You did it. You made that impression on her. The only thing you can do in penance is live your life trying to make amends. Apologies are cheap.

  • I am so glad I only have a sister.

    I always knew siblings of different s** may have the tendency to 'explore' on another intimately.

  • Children experiment. I'm sure most siblings do. Stop beating yourself up over it.

  • ask her if she wants to do it now ...without raping her...h*** she may say yes...if not then there are drugs......

  • i f***** my sis at 11 was the best i had ever had

  • if it was consensual s** from both parties and you where near her age. Good for you.

    if you raped her against her will, burn in h***.

  • thats not cool man not good, though if she was willing its not as bad but still not cool

  • That's disgusting, man.

  • Kool story, bro.

  • Dude your a sick freak... You need some psycological help...

  • you are f****** sick!

  • You need to see the guilt in its proper context and that it is a gift. It is not meant to punish you forever but as the symbol of your commitment to remain true to your personal integrity. Also, you were 10 years old at the time- not 16 like you are now. That is not an excuse for your past actions- it is the reality.

    God forgives the sincerly repentant. Guilt is not a bad thing but don't let it rule or ruin your life. Use it to your advantage now and make it a strength in that you have in your heart and being to protect children from abuse and not be the cause of it.

  • You need to forgive yourself. You were a boy. You seem like a very mature, honest, caring guy now, and nothing like that will ever happen again.

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