Is this wrong?

I'm an eighteen-year-old woman (or girl, however you look at it) and I know this guy who's thirty-five. We get along great and have a ton in common. He's not married, but I'm hesitant to take this to the next level with him. Being seventeen years apart, is that setting us up for disaster? I don't know what to do and I haven't told him about how I feel towards him.

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  • I agree with the manipulate vs. naive comments above and further add that as time goes by, given the decade/generational gap, he'll be looking for different things. As example, there is a ten-year difference in age between my mother-in-law and father-in-law and it's pretty apparent that that age difference is causing them strain at this point, where my father-in-law is ready to slow down some (65) and mother-in-law not ready for retirement. So I think that you may want to keep that in mind... maybe fine for now, but could be a strain in the future... Plus, in your case, this guy is old enough to be your father... do you really want to take care of two men in old age 30 years forward?

  • I would not go any further with him except friendship. You are 18 - a kid, a baby still. You have much more to discover in life. Find a younger man you have things in common with.

  • every old man likes young p****...if you want an old guy for a while the fine...he will not keep you around after the new wears off though...get real...cotton panties are a distraction not an investment....

  • I was in your situation. I ended up having a 2.5 year relationship with him and he is now, 3 years after breaking up, one of my best friends, if not the closest and most important friend I have. That said, one of the biggest issues was that we were very much at different stages in life. I was still in school. He was struggling to recover his life after the loss of his business. He was looking to settle down and find a wife and have kids. I was young and wanted to experience new relationships. Keep in mind, and this is a vast generalization, he is either going to see you as a potential wife, or "fun." As you age, you want different things out of relationships. S*** gets more serious, or less serious. He will also be more experienced, which can be a good thing (in bed, let's say) or bad (because he'll know how to manipulate you). He might be the kindest, least-bad-intentioned person in the world, but he will still have been around the block, and you'll still be naive. So be careful. Follow your heart but keep it light.

  • i say that there is way to much of a difference.and u would be beter off finding som1 eles....good luck!

  • if i were you i woould wait and find the man

  • This is not wrong at all! But you should be sure that he loves you.. You shouldn't get used! My first man was 33 and i was 18... it was big love (at least from my side)... because man at this age cannot feel the same... we broke up for some reasons... but we spent gr8 time together for 2.5 years! Good luck!

  • If the both of you like each other that is all that matters.

  • Don't do it! Too much age difference.

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