Hi, timid CP mods

I wonder why you'll let through confession after confession about panties and killing animals for fun and people claiming they're shtupping their sisters or moms, but you won't let genuine posts see the light of day. Are you frightened of people who actually have something real to say? I think you are. Bet you post this one just to be contrary-- and if you don't, you prove me right anyway. Either way you lose. Your call.

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  • I post bullshit stories on here all the time. Now some of my stories ARE real, and actually it's some of the ones you would never guess are real. Like the time I posted about having s** with my coworker at work, that was real. Or the time I had s** with my girlfriends twin sister, again that was real. My ex girlfriend was a nympho, so most of the s** stories I tell about my time with her are real. But I like to entertain people, so sometimes I write fiction as well. No different than watching a p**** or reading erotica the way I see it.
    There is one thing I can't stand though, and that is pedophilia. Anyone who writes about it, true or not, is sick in the head. I'm sorry, but no child should EVER be forced into that. So write about all the s** you want. Write fiction or nonfiction, I don't care, but unless you're writing from a 14, 15, or 16 year olds perspective who sleeps with their same age boyfriend or girlfriend the first time, leave the kids out of it. And the website owner should do more to block crap like that. I mean why review someone's submission if the webmaster is just going to let crap like that threw.
    Anyway, that us my two cents on the subject. Carry on.

  • How do you not understand that's what the website is for you stupid c***


  • Just now i posted a comment but a******* removed it and i am sure they will do it again. Damn right you are friend

  • Steven.bonnell.ii@gmail.com
    Shut up you f****** p**** debate me about it

  • B***** attention seeker go get some help you are not from CP. Go fuckk yourself

  • Damn right you are my friend. You just kicked them right into their b****. I hope every CP bastardd reads this

  • N***** I'll f****** kill you steven.bonnell.ii@gmail.com

  • Aww, is baby angry becuz mommy didn't have his fish sticks ready on time? LOL

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