I want animal abusers to die

I hope that anyone who is cruel to animals dies a horrifying death. I want them to die one tiny piece at a time. I want them to pay for the horrors that innocent animals endure, The same goes for people that hurt children, elderly and defenseless humans.

Jul 8, 2010

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  • Amen to that!

  • What about me f****** yor children in front of you and then making you finish me off.

  • What about animals hurting others? Like pit-bulls. They can be good, or can snap and kill three children. Do you put the obviously dangerous animal down, then condemn the vet? Do you wait for each and every pit-bull to show its violent side? Does that apply to humans too?

  • I hope you are anti-abortion and euthanasia otherwise you are just another hypocrite.

  • So we can assume you're pro-life, then? Okay. How do you feel about a kid once it's not a fetus anymore? Or worse, an actual adult (they tend to do that)? One who doesn't believe in the same god as you, or is browner than you, or is the right age to go to war? People like you have no room to be calling others hypocrites, but you cherish cogdis more than oxygen, so it really isn't surprising.

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