People that hunt should be hunted

I feel people that kill animals for fun that often are overcompensating for their lack of manhood should be hunted too. It’s unfortunate that deer can’t have a weapon. Only fair. Beautiful creatures massacred for joy. Lovely. These people make me sick. Same people that ruin good breeds of dogs. Take up a real hobby and enjoy animals as they are unless you need to eat.

May 20

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  • Wrong place to post this really.

  • I hope your a vegan then you pos i hunt for deer and duck so f off ill keep hunting

  • Wow, if this is a real thought, you should consider seeing a therapist of some kind.

    I say his not to defend hunting (I don't really like that myself despite being pro-gun).

    I say it because you have a questionable sense of right and wrong, that needs some kind of re-orientation since you are promoting hunting humans.

    You might want to also discuss your need to judge other people with the therapist.

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