Champagne is Evil

My boyfriend told me that he had a fantasy of me hooking up while he watched. We were invited to his friends house last weekend for an after party - (after a Halloween Party at a bar). I was dressed as a pirate wench. I was dancing - and drinking lots of champagne. My boyfriend was their - but I was dancing with others - male and female. As the night went on - I wound up in the hot tub at this guys place with three guys. (boyfriend included). These guys were hot. after dares etc.....I was making out with two of these guys while the Boyfriend watched. I would have never done that sober.

Evetually - we were all naked..... a picture was taken of me with these two guys sucking my t***. I was blindfolded and had to evaluate all three in a naked kissing contest. Hands and tongues were pretty loose in the hot tub.

Afterwards - one of the guys rubbed me down to dry me off.

After all that my boyfriend took me - and had s** with me.......this turned him on sooo much. I feel a little bad - but not sure why

Nov 6, 2010

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  • I fantasize about dudes f****** my wife all the time. And im not gay

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