Sick of my boyfriend

I am soooo sick of my boyfriend.we have been dating for a year. we began dating a day before my dad died.he ruined my new years night,made me cry a lotttt! 'forgot' to wish me on my bday, went to meet his ex and came with scratches on his arms.he probably slept with her but denies it to this day.crashe my car & didnt pay a penny for repairs.called me names and keeps hurting me everyday.all of this happened within a year. i dont know y m with him.m sick of him i jus want to leave but every time i leave he comes back begging.i hate this.i feel so suicidal.

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  • OMG.. you need to break up with this loser - like yesterday. You can do so much better! You would be better off even being alone. You need to pull yourself together and find a guy that likes you for you. A guy that remembers your birthday and doesn't make you cry and most of all respects you. Let him beg, you have better things to do. Oh and p.s. You're stronger than you know. You can do this. You will survive and you will be amazing!

  • He is a control freak and you are his enabler. The things he says to you in truth are a mirror of himself. He doesn't like himself so he treats you that way to make him feel better. You wouldn't and shouldn't be with a person like the one he is describing when he calls you names - but you ARE - HIM - drop his ass and don't look back, you will love yourself for it. He has the problem, not you. And BE STRONG - don't go back when he begs, you know he doesn't mean it - he has proven that to you before.

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