My bestfriend's boyfriend.

Well, to start off, I am bisexual. One of my ex boyfriends and one of my ex girlfriends started dating, my ex boyfriend texted me and asked me to have s** with him, I didnt know what to say at first because I am only 14 and have never had s** with anyone before, but I still had strong feelings for him, but the problem was that he was dating my ex girlfriend which happend to be my best friend. I don't know what I was thinking but 2 days later I did it. I felt so bad and still do, this was about 3 weeks ago and I am still best friends her and they are still dating. And I dont have the guts to tell her what happen!

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  • Even it out. You had premarital s** with him, so get her to have s** with you. Then, get them to have s** with each other so this never happens again. So yeah, just balance out the stick.

  • Your a s***.

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