I hate sexism.

I am 15 almost going on 16. In middle school I had a rep. Of a s*** which carried on to high school. I've been in a long relationship now, and my parents know the guy since we have been bestfriends since 3rd grade. I am not allowed to have him spend the night at my house in diffrent floors then me, but my 11 year old brother is allowed to have his girlfriend in the room anytime. I feel like I dated all those guys in middle school to prove that women and men are the same. Eeryone stereotypes women. I hate that! Is there anything I can do to prove to my mother and my sexist stepfather that it is effecting me in serious ways; it's not about the boy coming over but how they are making it seem like my baby brother is better then me.

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  • its unfair that her brother gets to and not her, so all of you shut the f*** up ya f****** low life retards.

  • You hate sexism? No, you hate your unimportant little life problem.

    I'm betting you still stand around with your friends talking about how stupid boys are. If you do that, you participate in sexism, which makes you a hypocrite.

  • Ummm lets see what would happen if two 16 year olds - who are in a "long term relationship" spent the night. You're parents have every right to lay down rules. It's not sexism. You just think it's unfair. You're 16, and you've admitted to having engaged in risky behavior in the past. They obviously don't want any grandchildren - yet. You clearly haven't proven proper judgment or responsibility in the past. You need to grow up. When you're 18 and not living under their roof, you may invite anyone you wish over.

    But neither you nor your brother should be allowed to have the opposite s** spend the night. I'm surprised that the parents of the your brother's female friends even allow it.

  • Geez, I'm the same age and even I know that you need to GROW UP. Of course he shouldn't be in your room, that's just flat out skanky. Get a grip and grow up, your parents know better than you. If you aren't mature enough to realize that you should trust your parents, then you aren't mature enough to have guy in your room alone. Now stop whining to strangers and go DO something about it.

  • parents want the best for their children. you will see this, however, i do think its a mistake that they let your younger brother have a girl in the room alone. This will teach him the wrong concept of how to treat women. I feel your parents need to take a step back and see how this all looks! mention that 11 year olds can get pregnant too! Maybe they will change their mind and make a social time rather then everyone spliting up in their own rooms!

  • Please explain what is a "long relationship." You are just 15!

    Your parents are right!No boyfriends OR girlfriends should be allowed to stay over night.

    And YES it is about the boy coming over!

    You should leave the boys alone and concentrate on school.

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