Man alive..

I was in this relationship with a guy who's 35. I'm 17. We didn't have s** or talk about it much or anything. We just talked about life and our family problems and our disorders from childhood and our troubled pasts and we're both in college, so that too. We were sort of in love for about two years, (I met him when I was 15). We had a lot of differences though so I told him I didn't really want him forever, which I don't. He's great and he's a good person who cares about everyone but I couldn't spend the rest of my life with him. So, he found another girl who's 23 and they were engaged for 6+ months and I was honestly happy for them. I knew he didn't really love her though, and I was mad that he'd lie to her like that and not want the best for her. But anyways, they aren't engaged anymore and I haven't spoken to him since September. I decided to quit talking to him because I've changed alot since we met and now I want to be more spiritual and obey God and he makes it harder sometimes. I don't know if it was rude of me to just quit talking to him after all that. I really care about him, I just don't want to be with him AT ALL. I don't think he REALLY cares about me enough anyways. I don't like that he drinks every once in awhile and swears and believes in s** before marriage. He doesn't swear with me or talk about s** or drinking with me, but he doesn't care enough to quit.
I just needed to get this out...

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  • It is wonderful that you already know what you want OR don't want.Just leave him alone and live your clean life.You won't be sorry. He is too old for you anyway!! Good luck for a happy and peaceful life.

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