Okay, so 7th grade after school i went to my bro's house and his friends came or whatever and then one of his friends told me to suck his d*** and i was like WTF no, and well the next day i went to school.....rumor started && he said i suck d*** smh...ever since then its been hard for me in high school also. Im in 10th grade. I really dont care what people think, I DO WALK AROUND WITH MY HEAD HIGH because i know the truth and i know what he said was a lie, but......people just judge me from off of what they heard from someone else && when they come and ask me i say "NO" && they dont believe me, its just wrong how they don't believe the person that the s*** talker is talking about its just all wrong man, like idk what to even do anymore. I mean but then again, i quote "You aint s*** if you don't suck d***" ahahahaha I CANT LIE ON THAT, its the truth cuss sooner or later ever b**** gone end up sucking a d*** IT'S LIFE. but yeaaaaa, idk what to do now, tired of evn more rumors starting saying that i sucked up people && when they name the people I DON'T EVEN KNOW THEM, smh its just all badd for me at the moment...but i needs to know what to DO I STOP THIS.? i tried ssssoooo many times and it's just useless -.-

Nov 11, 2010

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  • Wow that sucks. A similar thing happened to me when I was in like 5th grade. Just know that the guy who started that rumor probably feels really guilty about it. If not guilty, then constantly in shame that he wrecked your chance of a judgement-free relationship with your peers. I bet he's often worried that one day someone's going to realize that he's full of s*** and his friendships are made up of lies. Once High School ends, and you've moved on to college or whatever, you'll be making all sorts of friends while that a****** won't know how. Because the only friends he's made in life thus far is by making fun of others and cutting people down. At this point his self-esteem is probably pretty non-existant. So look forward to the future, because it's bright. Don't let any stupid immature High school drama get in the way of such a memorable experience like high school. You'll have a bunch of memories from those years anyway, its up to you to make them good memories. So have fun any way you know how, with the people you want to remember.

  • You're a sophomore in high school. You have two more years of this bull s***. Hang in there. Keep your grades and your head held high. College will be such a better experience for you. I'm surprised that this 3 yr old rumor still circulates or that anyone cares. What can you do...Apparently telling the truth doesn't get you anywhere. High school sucks that way..And starting a new rumor, like the guy sucks his own d***, or no I didn't because I couldn't find it. - probably just drops you down to his level. Sorry, I'm not much help. I just feel for you. But you sound really smart. Just stay close to the people you trust and ignore everyone. Don't even fight with them...just maybe say, you can believe whatever you want. Whatever.. don't even let it bother you anymore. They're so not worth it.

  • Thank you, so much. I will do that :)

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