My first real confession

okay this is a confession that everyone deserves to know about. I am known as ShyGirl101 on here but that is over that is done. That person was a b**** or talked s*** on everyone and didn't give a s*** about nothing. Well that person took a long look in the mirror and is a different person now. I'm sorry to everyone who I talked about or put down and I really do mean that. I had a plan to come on this site has someone who could help anybody that might needed and someone people to come and talk to or express there confessions and feelings to, that is how I came up with the ego ShyGirl101 but instead of helping people she just offended and hurt them. I am sorry for that. I'm gonna change I'm gonna be the person that you can talk to about anything and the person who gives advice about things you need help with. So I will continue to use an ego on here so that you can search for me and talk to me if needed but I doubt people are gonna believe that I have changed. But I am now gonna be known as the good person people can talk to you and explain things to. My name to look up is now gonne be HERE4U. I know this is hard to believe but just give me one more chance and for those of you who don't know who I am just look up ShyGirl101 and see what kind of a b**** I was. Please let me know how you feel about this.

Jul 8, 2010

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