High School: The Biggest Joke Ever

I cant even stand ppl in highschool anymore. (I'm a junior) People these just cant be mature(except for a few people). Its like really worry bout your own damn life not nobody else's. Dont worry about other ppl trying to get together, worry bout your own damn relationships. I mean seriously when you love somebody other ppl dont need to interfere let it be dont freakin try to be breakin ppl up. Just because nobody wants to date you doesnt mean you should be tryin to keep ppl from being together. Seriously grow the f*** up. And thats not even half of this. Athletes need to stop thinkin they the s***. Damn nobody plays any sports good... You aint got s*** over anybody else. I play basketball and football and i aint as big an a****** to ppl like the rest of ya. Friends... Hmm ppl need to know their real friends, i know mine. Learn yours. Also haters, worry bout your own damn life... Maybe youll live a better life... Why you think i live a good one. I got the greatest friends, the most amazing girl in the world, and i stand up for whats right. I dont worry bout nobodys s*** and dont get involved in it unless its worthit

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  • The good news is you will be out of this mess in about 19 months. Make the most of the rest of your life. Get some formal training, and not necessarily college. Please improve your spelling and grammar. Yes, it does matter.

  • While your spelling was atrocious, I completely agree. I have an ex-boyfriend who involves himself in every relationship I try to have and it really sucks. People need to deal with their own s***, not everyone else's.

  • This was just painful to read.

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