my boyfriend was in a car accident, he is now blind and can barely remember me, he has no one else to take care of him...i don't know how much longer i can do this.

Jul 8, 2010

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  • Do you still let him lick your stinky hole?

  • Your commitment shows great character but don't get silly and spoil your own entitlement to new relationships and quality of life. It is his family who should be looking after him. Unless you both had plans in place for marriage say your goodbyes and move on. There are societies for helping the blind. Get them involved but in no way are you both dependents on each other.

  • This isn't your responsibility--as horrible as it may sound, you're not married to him, so it really isn't. If you can't handle it, think it through, and if the best decision is to leave him, do it.

  • you shouldn't feel bad. You didn't expect to become a caretaker out of the blue, now did you? You're allowed to feel overwhelmed and confused and even angry. This is a huge responsibility! If the people who CHOOSE to go into this line of work experience frustration and burnout, what must you be going through? You have my sympathies. But you will figure out what you must do- for yourself and him. And no matter what, I'm sure the decision will be made with careful consideration and love. (((hugs to you)))

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