My girlfriend's abusers

Before we got together she had told me she'd been sexually abused in her past. I looked passed it..
after quickly falling head over heals in love with eachother.. she reveals that she's been regularly sexually abused since she was a child, by her father. This turned into tying her down and paying multiple men to have s** with her while he records it. the last time it happened was a month before i first met her. she's 21 but cannot resist because he threatens her that they will harm her family. she's a real fighter and is trying to overcome her fears by letting touch places than haunt her (like behind the ears etc). The b****** just got diagnosed with brain cancer a week after the last time this happened and has asked for forgiveness. I wish he dies really slowly.

I also feel so bad for her and so horrible at the fact that while single, i've fantasised about g******** and bondage.. I feel so horrible about this.

I needed to get this out and tell "someone" but it's so f***** up i can't bare to tell anyone.

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  • It's nice that she's found such a caring person to be on her side and give her strength. Just be there for her. What's she's been through isn't easy to overcome. As for the fantasies..that's what they were/are. Don't be so h****** yourself. I hope your gf gets the professional help she needs. I guess for her whatever she chooses to do with her father has be part of her own healing and choice.

  • As for the fantasies, there is a big, big difference between consensual BDSM and rape, and its not just the fact that consent is freely given.

    I read somewhere that 1/3 of the female population will experience sexual assault in their lifetime. Now that you know someone close to you who has been hurt by this issue, you can take it upon yourself to not be a total douche and be an example for men everywhere. Assuming that you're a man, of course.

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