My husbands evil daughter

I do not want anything to do with my husbands adult daughter. Her mother abused her as a child but she has forgiven her and I have to pay...I raised her since she was ten. She chocked me. In which I had to defend myself. She lied and told cops we abused her which my husband went to jail for until she decided to tell the truth! She twisted my arm. Her mother had her put her period pads on my pillow, in my clean laundry and she stole my hair out of my brush. In high school I found diamonds she stole from her father in her room along with her moms credit card! She would beat up her little sister and made her get high when she was little. She later got her addicted to syzurp and then told on her for attention. I separated myself from the situation and moved out. My husband and I lived separate for a few years and he would come stay at my place. During this time she had her father robbed at gunpoint! Yes the very man who had raised her. Years went by and she moved out...hallelujah. We moved in together and I tried to set some healthy boundaries. I was to be no where near here because I was completely done forever. My husband became ill and of course she weasels her way back into our lives. She didn't have a job and so he gave her one at our company. She was evicted guess who moved in with a new wife and step kid!!! They came back and forth because the idiot ended up in jail! They moved into a hotel and guess who got stuck paying their rent to keep them out...oh and by groceries and toilet paper for their entitled a****! They owe us 1000 of dolly! My husband bought her a truck in his name and she did a hit and run in it. Why because she's addicted to spice?!? Then I had to go pick up her wife because she ripped her off of the toilet while naked and beat the crap out of her. She also was in trouble for spanking the step child with a belt and left marks!!! She left spice in my car when needed a ride. Attacked her dad...yes I did have to punch her in her ugly face!!! Wrote horrible lies about us on social media, threatened to jump me..and her sister! Tried to steal the trade name for my business! Lies cheats steals manipulates and plays victim 24/7. My husband made her stay away and our lives were so happy! Now she's calling again which is making us fight cause she needs to stay far away from me!!! He loves her and feels guilty because her mom created this horrible monster! I have no guilt I gave this poor excuse for a human love as long as I could. I am done ✅ so done that if my husband doesn't have a rude awakening I will sadly have to leave him too! 15 years of her bullshit is enough! I fear she will find out where we live a kill us! I hate her!!


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  • What you should do is give her a taste of her own medicine. Your a woman it wouldn't take much to bruise and batter yourself up. Cut yourself and then hand her the knife. Run and call the police. The cops might come see her holding the knife and kill her ass. Problem solved.

  • There are people who would deal with her for not much money. They would love to do anything you request be done to her before they snuff her life out. Let me know I can help you get in contact with the right people.

  • Maybe should have them do all three since she shared this carp here. Just awful boring ass s***. Jesus people can't you come up with anything better than this.

  • GOD this place has gotten boring...…….

  • They have me ready to slit my own throat. Holy s***! Boring A-holes

  • I bet harry has a secret daughter somewhere and I personally would love to see those royal women hit around for their man and see if they can fight it out like the rest of us! not being bad but just saying they don't know how hard it is for the average women to get a man and hold on to him without being bashed by very clever liar women who have helpers. I would love to see that happen. from top and bottom of those royal women. shake it up and turn it all around you do the hokey pokey and ... you know what next. that is what its all about ! some of us enjoy seeing hurt in others to know we aren't the only ones suffering loneliness and pain. I mean some of those royal men could be gay too. these women need to learn to fight for it and suffer for it and feel the pain other women do.

  • You definitely deserve a good man in your life x

  • You definitely deserve another high dose of anti-psychotics xoxo

  • Pray and seek Gods will everyday. I will pray for you too. Read His word and may He bring about the changes for you and your family that you are seeking.

  • F*#K no she should have drowned that crazy kid in the toilet. That way God could tend to her himself when he sends her to Hades

  • Your waiting for your husband to a have a rude awakening? What is your time frame on this before you leave another 15 years? It's not going to happen just a lot more talking about it and in the mean time remain being controlled by a drug addict as you have been. Sorry that's just the way it works. You are the one that has to make a decision to change things for yourself.

  • Your not seriously believing this bunch of bunk? Your dumber than the author!

  • You can’t blame everyone else you’ve obviously enabled her by supporting her the infection spread you didn’t cut it off in time

  • She moved in with her mother when she became a teenager. That is when things changed and that is when we lost control of the situation. I did my part to love and help her. I took her to counseling and tried to get her help! I didn't have much choice in the matter when we have had to let her stay with us or give her money. I personally wouldn't have given her a dime! My husband said he wasn't going to let her live in the streets. I am not the enabler in this situation.

  • Life is just so unfair to us all we ask is peace but some problem keeps us occupied ,i have no strength left,just leave everybody's ass,....the best part is to share it gives you a little relief. Glad you did this.

  • My buddies drug addict daughter works her way back into his home, gets booted then the cycle repeats. Of course druggies lie, cheat and steal. Your hubby needs to grow a pair and fire his daughter once and for all.

  • There is a novel and a mini series

  • First, report her for abusing the stepchild. Second, section her thru court for drug issues. I feel sorry for you. It’s always the good parents who pay the price for the parent who did wrong. Get a restraining order, she’s a dangerous drug addict who needs intense therapy with a professional.

  • I'd give her the spanking off her life...

  • …...sometimes...………….a b**** just need a beating......give her what she need...………...

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