I lied about my sisters abuse

I watched my dad sexually abuse my older sister my entire childhood and when people came asking about it, I told them I knew nothing about it and I thought she was lying because she was mean to me. I liked watching/hearing her get abused whenever my mom was out. She was a cruel b**** and I hated her guts. I saw her completely naked with him in every room of the house, doing everything I’ve seen in p***. When the social workers and police came and asked me about stuff, I made us sound like leave it to Beever, If he had a crazy older sister that was always making s*** up. I said that knowing he would be in her room punishing her the second these people left, but she was honestly the most abusive person towards me that I have ever known, and I fantasize what it would be like to have a girl in my basement that I used and abused daily. That makes me a sick pervert, but I would never do that. Not even to an angry horrible piece of s*** like my sister. I just remember she had the perfect body and the look on her face while he was slamming inside her.... I dunno what that makes me, but it turned me on a lot. She came after me for lying to the police and all I said was I’m not gonna help anyone who’s hurting me, and I ran away from her. I remember we’d all be going to the bus stop and he would tell her she wasn’t going today and how she cried. I dunno what he did to her, but I’m sure it was horrible and I should never have helped him either. I was just a kid. And I’m as messed up as anyone I guess.

Mar 11, 2020

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  • Maybe she was mean because she was hurt. a Lot of people give back what they receive.. You can't be selfish when dealing with hurt people.

  • We should have an academic discussion and debate the topic why is rape wrong.

  • Because it is an act of violence and power over another person, for me if she is ok with daddy touching her, licking her, s******* her, giving him a bj then no problem but never rape

  • I hope he is in prison to be raped , if not that he goes to h*** !!!!

  • That you do that ,people need to see how they hurt their loved ones ! I HOPE IN H*** !!!!!!!

  • I had the best revenge against my uncle. He anally raped me ever night from 8 until I was 18, then I joined the military to get away from him.

    I'm 38 now, he had a stroke and can't move or talk. After the care giver leaves for the night, I give him what he did to me. Only worst, I use an 18 inch long d**** thats fat, and rape his ass with barely any lube. I do it for 2 two hours each night so he is in complete agony.

    I can see the terror in his eye when the care giver leaves. I hope he lives a long time 20 years so I can give him payback that he deserves.

    I also have a s** gag to hold his mouth open so I can force him to swallow c** like he forced me.

    I have no pity, I want him in agony and terror for the rest of his life.

  • My wife actually asked if we could buy a gag for her so the neighbours would not hear her screams

  • It's weird, my dad raped me when I was 12. I'm a girl btw. I never said anything to anyone. I don't hate him. It just was what it was.

  • You were too young :(

  • Disagree, I think 12 is fine but never ever rape if they are ok swith it then gop for it but rape is disgusting

  • I would be more curios to ask him to tell you what he did to you.

    Then forgive him.

    If you are just out for revenge, it will eat you up. If you forgive, you can move on. Don't do blame. It's not youre fault. Don't feel guilty. The power you have is in forgiving.

  • No he was/is evil he broke the love he had with your mother !!!!!

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