my girlfriend is evil, i think she

my girlfriend is evil, i think she secretly wans to kill me.. she swung pillows at me, and broke lightbulbs in my face.... im scared half to death, someone help me out. wat should i do.. i love her so much.


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  • aaaaaaaaaaaah u poor thing run fat boy run

  • break up with her.
    the sooner the better.

  • aaaaaaaaaaaah u poor thing run fat boy run

  • get away from her as fast as you can. she is mental.

  • Wow, so you mean to tell me that after writing all those f***** up comments on other people's confessions, you actually have problems too? Well, if you were me, you'd probably say "You deserve it, b****."

  • Tranquilizers.
    Nice one,buddy.

  • Leave 'er. Loving her is unhealthy.

  • one word.


  • hahahahaah thats so cute, get some b**** show her whos boss thats what she really wants

  • kill her first.

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