I really to hate all of the religious

I really to hate all of the religious things that are in this world, sure people can live by their religion but why do they have to stand in the streets and preach, why do they have to hand flyers out at shopping centres, why do they have to come to your house and disturb you and try and read things to you and get you to "sign up" .. if I wanted to join, I would have. It is like a cult, they try and get the most people to "join" them. Religion isn't what I thought it was, it is all about having the most "followers" from what I can see.

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  • There is no God, so religion is pointless. Also, to the "there is only one god and his name is Jesus" dude up there, shut up. An argument from Pascal's Wager is worse than no argument at all.

    Keep your religion to yourself. You can practice all you damn well want, but why do you have to assimilate everybody like some demented Borg?

    I'd rather go to "h***" forever than believe in your immoral, petulant god.

  • I agree, it's the mormons and teh jehova's witness'

  • It's not really about religion but it's about truth. If, and I know it's a big "if", but if people are going to h*** for eternity if they don't know Jesus Christ as their personal Saviour, then isn't that a truth I should be quite willing to share? Even if I offend you, isn't it better to take that risk than have you go to h*** forever?

    But about other religions, again it's about truth. Is their religion true? According to Christianity, there is only one God, and his name is Jesus. The other religions cannot be true in that case.

  • yeah f*** i hate religion, its the cause of all problems

  • what is religon for?

    if a religion doesn't affect your social +personal life then there is no need to adopt it. now explore and study religions and see which one affects social life+ personal life

  • trying to be smarter;)

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