Crying heart.

I dont know why I become so attached in a relationship. I think of giving my best to the boy I love the most, do special things for him but he doesnt care.i cry evry night and sleep and I am tired of it.i see people cheating, but why am I being punished for being loyal.i just want to kill these feelings.i am getting torchered by it.

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  • From your very brief description, it seems possible that you are more in love with the idea of love than with the actual boys themselves. Don't be so quick to fall into love, and don't be so quick to either assume you're being punished or to punish yourself. When real love happens to you or for you, and when you find a boy who actually loves you back, you'll know.

  • ^Agreed. Some of that attachment and dependency you're feeling can come from lack of self esteem. Love yourself. And you are giving your best, but it is a two way street. If he isn't, then know he's not the right guy.

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