A few weeks before I got married I got the chance to meet one of my favorite musicians. I wasn't expecting him to take a liking to me, though. We chatted the whole afternoon away at a music festival. He even gave me a lift in his cabd back to his hotel. Neither of us made a move but it was clear that there was a strong sexual tension between us. It was the first time since meeting my husband that I had been attracted to another man. We got in touch with each other through a social media website and occasionally we would message each other or post something on either wall. The days leading up to my wedding weren't that great. My husband and I got into a tremendous argument. Terrible things were said ...things we cannot take back. If the wedding hadn't cost so much money I would have said forget it. On our honeymoon we fought like crazy and I wished to be alone and feared that I had made a mistake by getting married. While on our honeymoon, I went out one evening alone and ended up going home with some random guy who lived round the corner from the bar where I sat drinking my sorrows away. I left him rip my clothes off and take me. He was rough and I liked it. In the moment of passion I didn't even ask him to use a condom. When we finished I noticed the sun had come up and I needed to get back. I was mumbling to myself that I needed to hurry and told this guy that I was on my freakin' honeymoon. He was as shocked as I was to hear the words the come out of my mouth. He asked me for my email address which I reluctantly gave him. Over the next month we wrote frequently and spoke occasionally on the phone. I took a trip back to the same place a month later and met up with him again. He's so handsome... way too pretty. The s** wasn't good but I liked that I was being so devious. My husband and I just a few months after getting married are now seeing a marriage counselor... But in all honestly, if I weren't financially dependent on him, I'd leave him the first chance I got. Just over this past weekend the musician that I met months ago came back for a gig. We had dinner together and really nice conversation. Once I again I cheated on my husband but this time with someone who I really like. He is an amazing creature and I can't say it was just s**, we really made love.... and every moment possible I tried to meet him again till he left. It was beautiful. But now he's gone back home to his family. I'm left here in my home feeling elated but also really sad. We can never have each other... only every once in a while... if he ever comes back to the city I live in and who knows if I'll still be here. It was it what it was... and it was great.

Now I'm left with sadness.

Nov 29, 2010

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  • Divorce your husband,then you'll be free to f***,anyone you like.Oops,you already do.

  • You're really a terrible person. You should have never gotten married. I hope your husband finds out and leaves you with nothing. Because that is truly what you deserve.

  • S***.

  • SFC: Stupid F****** C***

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