I am a married mother of two. I was having an affair before my wedding. With my bridesmaid!! It was just fun at first. But now we are in love. We don't know what to do. We are together every chance we get. I guess it's easier to keep it secret because everyone just thinks we are best friends. I love my husband. But I'm not in love with him anymore. We should never have got married. I want to be with her full time but I don't want to hurt my children.

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  • You’ve already hurt them. No matter what you choose you are cheating on your husband and he deserves better! You cheaters are all the same. Selfish and don’t care who you hurt to get what you want. Stop cheating and leave him already! He deserves someone who loves him and gives all their attention to him. Stop the lie!


  • It is true that it is indescribably wrong that you are having an affair on your husband and you should never have gotten married.
    Have the common sense.
    Explain everything you've done.
    If it keeps going on for more then it already has... it'll just get worse.
    Either way, you definitely will hurt your children.
    I mean when they're older, what will you do.
    They'll SEE that you don't love him. It's weird, but it's true.

  • Why would you get married if you are having an affair with someone else?Just look at all the hurt you will cause! I really hate people like you, SELFISH!!!!!

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