All i know is that I like you, I'm not even sure why. We've never spoken a word to each other. You're the popular football captain and I'm the quiet girl not many people know. You're never going to look my way, and I know it. I keep kidding myself by fantisizing that you are my boyfriend and love me. I know this will never happen. Sometimes I pray to God that you might just notice me one day and remeber me as the quiet girl from freshman spanish. I've created our first date in my head so many times. From going to see the new Harry Potter movie together to you being my date for semi. Ikeep telling other people hoping that one will have loose lips and eventually you would find out. Even if you just talked to me out of pity, I just want you to look at me not through me.

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    no one gives a s*** about dora and that is why she is feeling sorry for herself feeling guilty knowing she has hurt heaps of women to see her daughter marry a hundred times. give it a break s***!

  • I noticed you but it's too late now.

  • Best thing to do is to put on a smile and say hello to him and make yourself known today. It isn't hard. Just say hello.

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