Muslims Hate in America

Alot of people around here hate Muslims and Islam lately. It really scares me. There's been a lot of people getting fired from their jobs because they're Muslims, or they're dating a Muslim. I'm scared of flying because security might judge me just because I look arab. I'm scared of speaking out because I'm scared someone might shoot me because part of my family is Muslim. I've read a story about policeman shooting a Muslim at a cafe, because he was Muslim. I know these things are rare, and that America is probably safe and most people don't hate Muslims too bad, but it really scares me. A woman I really looked up to and was good friends with at my Christian church posted how much she hated Muslims on facebook. It made me sad because half of my family is Muslim. It's so ignorant of people. And it seems to be mainly just adults, which really disappoints me. If you're not Muslim, you have no idea how much it hurts when people talk about how much they hate Islam and how scary it is, that even though you know they probably won't hurt you physically, you feel you better not say anything against it because they might.

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  • I consider this as the most foolish subject we share I m from Asian country and my mother is a Buddhist and father is a Christian
    I m Christian my elder brother Buddhist his wife and kids are Christian my best friend who I consider as a my brother is a pure Muslim and for me he is the best human I have ever met guys lets grow up religion doesn't matter to be a good human what matters is how we live until we lose our last breath we all have same pain when we get hurt. May all gods bless us and make this world a peaceful place for all of us.


  • Muslims are a cancer, we will never be safe till they are rotting in a grave doused in pigs blood. Oh and yes all muslims are terrorists even if they dont know it the money they donate to their mosques wind up in the hands of the bad guys. I live in a city that borders Dearborn Mi which has a massive population of these filthy animals(thanks henry ford)and have seen first hand how these pieces of s*** behave. Wake up america every time we turn around another one is being caught trying to destroy our way of life, f****** scumbags muslims f****** die! oh and what kind of religion promises 72 virgins to some piece of s*** who murders innocent people. And here is a pre emptive f*** you to all the liberal coward p****** who cry about this post.

  • Oh are a Christian did Christianity teach you that cause that's not Christianity i have Christian friend's and they say that's not written in the bible

  • im sorry for behalf of muslims people but please stop saying bad things about Islam. We're living in the same world, why say bad things about other religion? Muslims are not perfect but Islam is. Muslims are humans just like all of you,we're not perfect.

  • Didn't someone named Ponchous Pilot kill Jesus? That sounds like a f****** Roman name to me.

  • Misplaced commment w***!

  • You must be American. Only Americans are as stupid and ignorant as you are. That's why you thing the rest of the world should be like your sorry-ass country. That's why you feel the right to invade anybody who doesn't think like you do. Enjoy your homosexual, "capitalistic", racist, "free" country.

  • round up all your rag headed buddies and go back to the sand pits, get the h*** out of our country.

  • Yeah f***** we invade anybody we want cause your too p**** to do anything about it. Now go crawl back in your hole in your weak ass s***** little country.

  • And you are saying that while you are on your computer forgetting soldiers dying for your sake in Iraq and Afghanistan bravo you are the big man with no b**** to show

  • I'm the poster of this post and I just wanted to say:
    Who cares what happened in Islam during Mohommad's time? That was so long ago and any true Muslim knows that the holy war means that all fighting and killing is evil, so if a country must fight to protect it's people in the worst cirumstances, it is okay because it is to save innocent people.
    No Muslim in America wants to marry a 6 year old girl, that was cultural back then. We're not anti-American, at all. We just want to be understood. If you were a Catholic living in a Muslim country, everyone would hate you and you would think it was soooo wrong! But it's okay for you to hate Muslims? Why would they even hate you? Because they know nothing about Catholicism and it contradicts Islam. And ya know what? Even in "Muslim"countries, there are many Christians and Buudhists, too. The women are not oppressed, they choose to wear the head scarf and if they don't want to, they're not forced. I know tons of Muslim women who don't wear it, only to parties and stuff for style. That's because it's completely cultural and they come from countries that the culture is just like that. And quoting verses from the Quran and taking it literally is stupid. What would you say if I quoted your Bible saying Women are to be silent and have no authority over man and it's a shame for women to speak in church? Hm, oppression much? It's not literal and it's definitely not valid for this age.

  • I agree with the yank we should go on a new age crusade and nuke you muslim c**** back to Mohammad

  • Go ahead , you little s*** you can't do anything you are just a little s*** who can't do as he say's

  • There is good reason. Over half of all Moslems surveyed agree with the violent jihadists and want sharia law. Unlike Christianity, Judaism, Bhuddists...Islam has a perpetual call to war: jihad (holy fighting in Allah's cause) is ordained for you (Muslims) though you dislike it, and it may be that you dislike a thing which is good for you and that you like a thing which is bad for you. Allah knows but you do not know.
    ( ???? ?????? , Al-Baqara, Chapter #2, Verse #216)

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