I forgave my molester.

Jan 16, 2017

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  • When i was 14,i finially made my First Holy Communion with the 2nd graders and was molested by a guy in his early 20s after my party! My parents and gramma dressed me like the little girls in my class in a poofy,sleeveless,top of the knees communion dress and veil with lace anklets and white mary jane shoes and a sleeveless under shirt with a cloth diaper and plastic pants under my dress.After my party,i went to my besties house to show her my outfit and her and her parents and siblings were out.Their cousin david was there and he invited me in and we started talking.Next thing i knew we were kissing and he put his hand under the back of my communion dress and felt my diaper and plastic pants and got very aroused!Every thing was happening so fast,i was lost in the moment.He undid his zipper,got out his p**** and forced me to my knees and made me give him a b*******! He made me swallow his load then told me it was great.I was so humiliated and felt used and to this day i have awful memories of him!

  • I did, too, after years of therapy with the WRONG therapists. Finally found one who guided me to and through the process of acceptance, understanding and forgiveness. It was like 10-ton shackles were being removed with each step. Now, I've re-established close ties with my family and am living the life I always should have with a completely clear-eyed perspective on my life.

  • Chester?

  • It could very well be. He's the only one most of us know of. Good to see you add some humor to this foolish, dark, man bashing page. These girls are confused due to inappropriate, archaic conditioning coupled to incorrect words that convey evil. It's always a man of course in further attempted degradation & conspiracy of the gender.

  • The thing I learned was forgiving another lifted the burden from me irrespective of their response. I'd spent years angry at them and wanting revenge or to hurt them. I wanted them in jail and humiliated. To pay.

    Then I watched other so called survivors who got their revenge. But nothing changed. They were still angry and sad and weighed down.

    I said to myself "I forgive you"

  • My first cousin forgave her father after years of being sexually molested by him starting from before age five. Ok she forgave but I say to H*** with him. He died and thats good.

  • I cannot bring myself to forgive my father for the years of physical and emotional abuse. I was 8 when he first started to groom me, seducing me with trinkets and candy, giving me his attention and telling me he loved me. When he first started kissing me I felt so grown up. I didn't know that other girls didn't french kiss their fathers.

    He bribed me with an ice cream cone the first time he performed oral s** on me. It wasn't magical, I didn't scream in ecstasy and beg him to f*** me. It was weird to have him licking me where I peed and when he pulled out his p**** and masturbated I had no real idea what was going on. I thought he had peed.

    He raped me the first time on my 12th birthday. He was average sized for a man, but I was only 12 and not aroused. He was too impatient for foreplay or even lube and just forced his way in. I bled and cried for 3-days and he kept me out of school.

    When I was 16 I packed a bag and left. I had no money and no plans, I just left. By that point he was forcing me to perform oral s** on him almost every day and having s** with me, vaginal or a***, 3-4x/week. I left and haven't gone back. He died 2-years ago and I did not go to his funeral and have not visited his grave. I have not moved on. I have a hard time with any relationship, cannot stand physical contact much less s**, and have panic attacks with men of a certain physical type.

    That's the truth of what having s** with your child does to her.

  • Not so fast. You may get that by a few scumbags that are just caving to any alleged girl with a any allegation of being molested however there are too many obvious holes here. You say you have not moved on. You say you have a difficult time with any relationship. You say you cannot tolerate physical contact, especially s**. Although, I bet it's even money that you could say under oath that since your father's contact, you haven't had sexual relations one or more times with one or more men. I'm betting you have only due to your slip of commenting on your deceased father's P**** size. Plainly, one of the LAST items genuine victims of molestation would care to discuss, much less volunteer to remember, is anything specific regarding what an alleged perpetrator penetrated her with. They are undergoing too much trauma to recall what will be vulgar to them. Needless to say, that destroys your credibility ; any defense attorney would seize on that concept in a heartbeat. More conclusively, if you hadn't moved on as you say, you wouldn't know your father's P**** was medium sized for a man because you hadn't seen others to compare it to. Again, your account lacks credibility.

  • I agree

  • I'm speechless 🤢
    Sorry this happened to you and that you're still suffering the consequences, even now.

    Maybe therapy might help. What do you think? Have you tried attending some support groups/counselling, it might help

  • I used a taser and kidnapped mine. I kept him in the basement of an empty home for two-weeks, fed him his own s*** and p***, smashed both his b**** with a hammer, pulled out two of his finger nails, sliced out a chunk out of his tongue, and ultimately buried him in the home's garden. The house is foreclosed now, up for auction next month. I don't know if I should just leave him there, or take the risk and try to move his body myself.

    I think I've watched too many episodes of Law & Order SVU.

  • If this is genuine, "this website or any other website, isn't ideal to confess this on" Just a word of advice :)

  • Pretty sure it's more fantasy than reality...

  • Leave it

  • Takes a huge weight off you.

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