I hate my dad

My f****** dads an idiot.he cares more about his be than his kids(me and my 4 yr old sister)he has a fat gf with 2 retarded kids that abuse us and I have anxiety when I go over there.any thoughts on what to do please help

27 days

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  • I hate my dad because I'm jealous of him. I want my mom all to myself. No sharing her special place.

  • . did you nut in her vajayjay

  • His gf is fat?! Ewww!

  • Accept reality or seek help. stop being judgmental or stop going to him.

  • I would say anything on here they get real nasty on here

  • Jackie has a disability and you are actually talking and saying things to someone who is on a 12 year old thinking process. Is that right jack!

  • Will you please shut up

  • Oh go s**** yourself

  • I mean i wouldn't say anything on here

  • Jackie ur funny

  • You are stupid

  • Awwww...r u gonna cry, jackie my boy!

  • For the last f****** time i am not a boy stop calling me jackie boy and no i am not gonna cry all you do is make fun of people you fat slob

  • You a boy get over it and live with that fact!

  • I am not a boy fucktard what is your f****** name

  • Why Jackie , you want to marry me. but I am not trans/gay like you

  • No i don't want to marry and i am not a trans or a guy so f*** off a******

  • Record it if you can and call the police!

  • Record the wrong behaviour they do to you

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