Fantasize about a professor at my school

He is not my professor, but I have a class after his and he is in there when I get to class. He won't look me in the eye and dashes away nervously. I think he finds me attractive, and I flirt with him and try to make lite talk with him. I want to f*** him so bad, and I am a good church woman. We are nearly the same age, but he is married to a mean, and crazy professor at the same college with a small kid. She is fat, mouthy, bible thumping know it all and crazy. I didnt know he was married to her when I fell for him. He is too hot for her, I want to do things to him that are probably sick to most people, but I have to have to touch him. I pray for it to leave me but I am hot blooded and sexy, a little younger than him. He is 50+.
What are my chances of seducing him? I am pretty, look younger than my age of 35+. I think I make him hot he looks at me and shys away. I have to borrow this man for a night. Ugggh its killing me. I know I am being a Jezebel but I have fallen in love/l*** with this man. He is brilliant and sexy and unhappily married which is sad. He knows because i wrote him an anon. sexy email. I mean steamy. He can contact me. do you think I will hear from him?

Dec 12, 2010

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  • Why, so he can exchange one god-bothering psychobitch for another? He's wise to run.

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