Dear everyone on here,

People who write the fake f***** up rape s*** is so disgusting. Get the h*** off of here, and you too trolls. People with real pain are here to write! So get the h*** out of the way. We don't need your crap. Unless you want a dead body on your hands because of a comment you made to make you feel better about yourself.

You make me sick. And bad karma will come for you.
And to all the people who comment saying 'FAT', you are probably the ones who are fat. Sitting here all day saying that. Who do you think you are..?

And even if someone is fat, that doesn't make the person. Open your damn eyes. People like you make the world what it is. Hurtful. And a h*** of a long painful journey.

So cut the s*** and let us be happy and get help from others on here.

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  • I don't know about you... But the rape posts that are in detail are hot as f***

  • TEE HEE, f*** you guys. >:v

    you guys are the fat ones... ;3 what better to do than troll people on a site all day?



    yep, I can bite back too.

  • fat s***.

  • Hahahahaha! F*** you b****. :) cut out the s***. And run back to your mommy before you get spanked.

  • ^that post is to all the commenters :)

  • This was one of the most obvious 'Troll me' posts ever!

  • If you come on this site needing help you gotta be one sad FAT b****** with no friends............I guess you don't have a life or your a Muslim f*****

  • You must really have some insecurities. This has nothing to do with Muslims, so right there you proved how utterly stupid you are.

    Also, just because people seek out help in others online doesn't mean they are fat, nor does it mean they have no friends. You are making assumptions based on your own twisted view of people, not based on facts.

    And besides all of this, the one question I have to ask is, who is a crap person, the people seeking out help on this site, or the people that come on here only to troll and try to have an ego trip? That's easy. Its the latter. People come on here for help yet you waste your time and ours trying to down people for no honest reason. I would consider that not having a life~

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