My worst enemy

Its bin 5 years and every day i wake up at 6, walk into the bathroom and say to my reflection " i hate you! i hate everything about u, i dont like your face, and i dont like the way u act" ect ect.

i spose this is because mum and dad hav always called me a failier and that im not a very good son, i dont hav a promising future and if icontinue to act the way i do, ill wind up as possibly something worse than a hobo (is there tho?) i try my best to be a good boy, but anything i do, i always seem to dissapoint people.

im a carpenter by trade, and when ever im told to do something, i hav and always will do it to the best of my abillity, apparently not says the second opinion of work colleges.

not only do i fail at wat i do, mates dont treat me any better, i try to get along with people, but, i dont know wat it is about me, people just want to hurt me, they throw s*** at me, and i never insist on fighting back cause i know it never solves anything.

i hate me, and to be quite honest, ill be happy if i just disappeared.........

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  • Just start thinking more positive and be an individual. If you're going to succeed be positive. And with the other mates, smile. Even when it hurts the most try to smile because eventually they'll believe that smile and maybe start treating you better. Everyday try and wake up with a smile and instead of saying bad things everyday think of a good thing.

  • Sounds like you're in a huge rut and in need of a huge self confidence boost. Stop the negative talk..that stuff brings you down. And after awhile, you start to believe it. Start walking into the bathroom every morning and say something nice and positive about yourself. Change you're attitude. And if you're not already..Start working out and taking care of your appearance. When you don't like yourself, that comes out in how you look and you're work. If you don't like what you're doing or the people you're working with, then change it. Next, stop hanging out with people who bring you down or don't support you. Surround yourself with people who like you, for you. Maybe even speak with a therapist..maybe talking about what you're feeling will help. But a lot of the change starts with you. You have to start to care. And you may not think so right now..but people want you here.

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