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You know it is pretty amazing. Every person that makes a confession is either pretty or popular, or well educated and very successful. I'm amazed that so many of you have the time to confess or make remarks on this site, considering all the things that must take up your extremely affluent lifestyles. Now I'm not saying all of you are liars, I mean maybe this is the one site that draws the wealthy and well educated, I imagine its happened before, and after all no one would lie about these things would they? I mean has anyone ever really made up a lot of s*** to make themselves look better online? I mean I'm typing this as I sit in my limo on the way to a very important meeting with other scientists and a few major doctors to unveil our new cure for every disease known to man, we'll all be healthy soon, you jackasses!

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  • This is one of the VERY few times I wish it were easy to see who posted a confession. Would love to buy OP a beer! :)

  • I'm fairly well-educated, attractive and I'm middle-class. But I'm in college, my parents pay for everything, and I mostly go on this site when I'm stoned, sooo...

    I thought everybody was stoned on this site.

  • Congratulations on finding the cure for everything.

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