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How do you get over someone who's constantly on your mind? Its been 2 years now.. I have amazing friends and guys surrounded around me who WANT me but its always you who's on my mind. Its even worse now i know you feel the same way... Why is it everytime i see you I melt?

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  • I can relate to this from the other side of it! RJ, you'll never have me. What would I want with a disloyal, abusive p**** with a foul temper? Write all the so-called "romantic" songs you want. You know, the ones that have nothing to do with love and everything to do with "poor little me, boo-hoo". I'll just be over here continuing to enjoy life with a real man who is also my best friend. Too bad you'll never know what it's like to be him!

  • Because you love him and you always will .making love with him was probably the best ......you will never forget him .....thats a big part of life ............even if you find someone .he will always be on your mind

  • if you love him go get him! he loves you!.....cents

  • Hahaha! thats an awesome answer! :D maybe I just will

  • So what is the problem exactly?

  • I suppose she means the problem is that she can't get over him.. 'How do you get over someone who's constantly on your mind?' She wants to but seems impossible.

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