Wanting To Be Selfish

I want to scream and hurt you and call you out for hurting me. I want to be immature and not care for you anymore. Instead I'm doing my best making you leaving me as easy as possible. I'm not raising a fuss, or talking to you. I'm distancing myself from you to allow you to let go of any feelings you had for me. I've grown some from this breakup, but I wish I hadn't. I lost some of that wonder and purity that I had when we were together, and because I loved you first, I won't get that back. I never felt that we were falling in love, but rising into it, and now that it's over, the inevitable fall has come. If I haven't hit the ground yet I don't know what I'll do when I do. The girls I meet now can be wonderful, but I can't help but compare them to you. They often come out of my judgment looking good, but glaring differences remain that try as I might I can't look past. I know time will heal me, but the indifference you show for the time we spent together is current enough to cut me afresh daily. If I seek closure with you, I'll end up screaming, but so will I if I don't. Is the answer really to let time make us strangers? What can you say about a relationship that inevitably ends in rage?

I love you.

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  • That is how I feel about the queen why she doesn't like me over all these common rude vial nasty scum, when I am the model citizen who does good things. and she abuses me all my life. the woman is crazy. same here, queen elizabeth has insulted me enough. I am just wondering why she insults me so much all the time over the past 30 or so years. how would she like to be insulted? when will she stop insulting me? afterall how crude is she and what bad things has she done that need to be exposed before she dies. I want to be selfish too. after the queens insults over 30 years I think I will be and ask her for her to give me a sizeable inheritance asap. rude stupid nutcase of a woman. I am a nice person and she abuses me ? why?

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