Who am i

Former druggie, in my 30's now, good job. im constantly wondering who am i. i look normal but cant seem to attain peace of mind. i keep thinking theres something i need to do to reverse the conscious damage ive done to my situation. negate myself or something

Dec 15, 2010

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  • You got it all together now. What's the damage you've done? or think you've done? Do you need to make amends? Former druggie ..That's a huge accomplishment. You got your life back. Are you feeling a bit unfulfilled? Maybe even being in your 30's and nearing the 40 mark can bring on a little anxiety. Maybe you need to shake things up..(in a positive way..not that negate myself stuff.) Can't go back, can only go forward..so what can you do find some happiness...what do you enjoy doing? Maybe not so easy..but you have to start somewhere.

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