Unhappily married

Im not happy in my marriage. i think i rushed into after the divorce, wish she wouldnt have pressured me. one of the onlly reasons i did it was for the health insurance she needed. i have a "playmate" on the side who is fun, my wife feels like she is choking me with her manly attitude. if i wanted to be with a man i would be gay, unhappy for so long, i realized why yesterday

Dec 15, 2010

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  • I'm never getting married. Mostly because of guys like you. You sound like a douche. You broke her trust just because you were unhappy? A lot of people become unhappy in their marriages, it passes with time. If you're sooo f****** unhappy unhappy, you get a devorce or work through it, you don't sit there in your own s*** and p*** and expect everything to be OK between the two of you. You've already broken the marriage contract by f****** around on your wife. You might as well just make it offical.

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