Tough spot what to do.

I'm 32 and been seeing this girl who said she was 21. She very intellectual, smart and beautiful. Anyway I find myself falling for her and I just found out shes actually 17. We haven't done anything sexual although we've been close but that's wasn't important as we both have feelings for each other and it isn't about s**. I'm torn as it was her mother who walked up to me told me her real age and basically threatened that her father would not be impressed and would probably react badly to the situation. Do I stop seeing her and not see what could have been or do were continue and hope they well accept it if things work out.

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  • Better to wait. I was associating with a younger woman from the sports bar I go to, thinking she was at least 22, as said she was. Things progressed, and one night, she slipped, about living at home and "can't wait until I turn 18". That told me, whoa....Put the brakes on this one. I didn't want that kind of trouble.. Which was too bad, b/c she did look older, and was very hot and horned-up. I just couldn't go through with it.

  • If both of you can wait, then wait for a year. For me, I don't care about age different in relationships. Age is nothing but a number. If you think both of your feelings are true, go for it. But, you will need to wait a year XD

  • I say just dump her and find someone who doesn't lie to you. Big or small lie doesn't matter. Honesty is an important basis for a true, long lasting relationship...why would you want someone that was willing to lie to you in the first place? There are plenty intelligent, beautiful, truthful women out there. Find one.

  • You should wait for her to be legal and see what happens after that. It's not a crime to date someone younger than you. It may be socially unacceptable, and society tells you to follow the rules. I think you should make some of your own rules but when she becomes legal. Also, why are they mad at you? You didn't know she was underage.

  • you freak. i don't care how mature she is, she's a year away from being half your age. give it up or you'll end up in jail being someone's b****

  • Once she's 18 and legally considered an adult it doesn't matter if she's 'half his age'. Grow up. I mean, you honestly think every couple is exactly the same age or really close in years? Gtfo with that bs. Its one thing for underage stuff but once she hits 18 its no big deal.

  • What you should do is just wait for her to turn 18. If her parents aren't happy with the situation, respect that. It doesn't take much these days to bring forth charges against an adult acting inappropriately with a minor...even if you say s** has not occurred. This relationship, is not platonic. So back off for a bit. If it's meant to be, it will happen.

  • you said she was 17 so just wait till shes 18 a little more time of waiting wont hurt then itll be legal age has no numbers when it comes down to it:)

  • You stop seeing her, end of argument. It is illegal, pure and simple.

  • It's not illegal. They didn't do anything sexual. They can see each other and wait a little more for s** stuff, until she will be 18.

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