Really sad.

Every now and then I cry myself to sleep because I'm stuck in this world and no matter how hard I wish, the people and places in videogames and books will never be real. Seriously, I wish with all my heart I could be So-and-so in Alternate Reality. F*** I hate it here...

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  • If you went to a part and sat at at a table... Everyone was fighting and someone dropped their drink on you... If I asked how the party was- you would say - it sucked. Now if you were sitting at at table where people were dancing... Having fun, maybe the hottie at the end if the table gave you a wink - if I asked you how you enjoyed the party, you would say it was brilliant. Same party. Different table. You don't like your table - change it find the life you like and own it.

  • did you watch avatar? lool but seriously, I used to feel like that in high school, but then after getting into college and starting to have things to stress about like jobs, bills, finals, fitness, looks, relationships etc, those hopes and wishes to be in a fantasy slowly disappeared. To put it simply, I think people become a lot more cynical than they were as kids. THAT IS THE DEPRESSING BIT loool.

    Sometimes I still get depressed when I think about how hard it is to get acknowledged in society, and then I escape and unwind by shopping and dressing up, or going on a niice holiday :D and maybe imagine I am some beautiful person from another world who comes to this beautiful land for adventures...TEEHEE

  • I feel you. I really do. You're not alone.

  • This world you're stuck in is a pretty rockin' place, actually. You'll find your way. Have some fun. Take some chances. Do not dwell on your mistakes or regrets. We get a pretty limited shot at this life thing and you need to start taking advantage.

  • You have to accept that fantasy is just have a real life to live, and you can't live it regretting the fact that games won't become real. You can be an outstanding person without all that unreal bs. I used to love videogames and books and thinking how things would happen if they were real, also I wanted to live in characters' shoes. But at a certain point I had to just accept reality and live in it and be happy with it. All in all I'm glad I accepted reality. Leave books and games as just that - books and games. Enjoy reading and playing them, but leave them in their own fantasy worlds so you can keep on living your actual life. Hope you figure everything out.

  • It's always real, in your mind.

  • That's what I used to say, until my therapist told me that was crazy talk.

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