Don't touch me!!!

In this world, there are three things I hate:
-I hate it when my friends pat my head.
-I hate it when my friends take my hair off my shoulders.
-I hate it when creepy-guy leans close to my face.

I hate it when my friends pat my head because I don't like it when someone treats me like a dog. Honestly, I feel like they expect me to bark. I have told them to stop but I can just blame myself for the fact that they don't stop because, let's admit it, once you kick someone in the b****, they do anything to get on your nerves. Also, what they do on purpose is taking the hair that I loose off my shoulders. I have a lot of hair and the amount that I loose is closer to shedding than to loosing. I hate the feeling of three pairs of hands plucking at my shoulders because it's just introducing my privacy.

But what ticks me off the most is creepy-guy (let's call him like that) that comes close to my face. MY face. No one was is ever that close to my face, not even my sister (and she is the one slapping my ass to say good-morning). Every time I turn around he is there. Haha, I often joke about how I've got my personal stalker now... Only that it is no joke. He notices when I'm not wearing the same pullover than the week before, or not the same jeans, or when I combed my hair to the other side of my head. Heck, he even noticed that I was missing my pen the other day even though he was sitting on the other side of the class. But wait, it gets better. He is always packing in the same rhythm as me, when I slow down on purpose, he slows down on purpose, when I tuck my pencil-case away, he tucks his pencil-case away. Always there, always omnipresent. And then he looks at me as if... I'm his greatest friend! I've barely talked to him and there I am stuck with him! Is it because I'm a girl? I don't know... But I don't hope so. Before, I didn't mind him that much coming close to my face, I thought it was a tick. But now, every time I see him, I want to run away, even though he would follow me. And when he inches closer and closer I have the urge to punch him. Not to hurt him but because I feel threatened and i have a strong sense of self defense and i admit that i am pretty aggressive when I have to (which is a lot because guys I hang with constantly want to show you they have a bigger d*** than you do and completely forget that you HAVE NO D***). S***, halfway through this text I've realized another reason why I get p***** at him when he comes closer. It's because he does it on purpose. Since I have told him to stop, he insisted on every of his actions. Those things I thought that were ticks, he only does it on me.

You have no idea how I feel. F***, I need some help. Help me. I repeat the message: SOS.

Dec 22, 2010

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  • Dude, tell someone this guy is bothering you! You sound young enough to get a teacher involved if someone is sexually harrassing you.

  • He is not sexually harrassing me... I think... :/ Maybe I wasn't clear enough, I just hate it when he comes closer, even if he barely ever dares to touch me (except for this one time he turned around so quickly that we crashed into eachother) cause I'm a pretty aggressive person... Plus he is my age and if he ever gets more aggressive then I think I could still handle it :)

    PS: do you think I'm a boy? just asking cause of the 'dude' :)

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