Tough Spot Update

I'm 32 and been seeing this girl who said she was 21. She very intellectual, smart and beautiful. Anyway I find myself falling for her and I just found out shes actually 17. We haven't done anything sexual although we've been close but that's wasn't important as we both have feelings for each other and it isn't about s**. I'm torn as it was her mother who walked up to me told me her real age and basically threatened that her father would not be impressed and would probably react badly to the situation. Do I stop seeing her and not see what could have been or do were continue and hope they well accept it if things work out.

Update since my comments don't work.

Here the complete story though...

For like 3 months we would run into each other 3-4 times a week, usually at the local coffee shop but also in other random places. She was shy and so was I, so we would just say hi and smile and carry on our way. Looking at her I would have never guessed she was 17 as she did look to be around 20 or 21. Anyway finally one day she bought me a coffee and offered to bring me another later on that day if I was interest, I of course I agreed and she gave me her number to text her directions to my office. Well I wrote type the number down wrong but she did show up with the coffee from the quick directions I gave her. This happened a few times but that about all. Then one evening I ran into her at the local drug store and we talked for about 20 min and I asked her how old she was and she said 21. I also asked her how old she thought I was and her response was said 27. Not that that matters but I told her I was 32 and she said I look great for my age. I told her I’ve sent her messages thanking her for the coffees did you get them and her response was no. So she gave me her number again and sure enough 1 number off. Anyway that night I texted her and said she should pop by after for a drink since she had no plans and I was at home with my son. Well she did and only stayed for a bit but at that point I felt something more click, she was great with my son, friendly, just all around beautiful person. From that day on we went on dates, shopping, swimming just random stuff that was wasn’t something I always found fun but with her it didn’t matter. I basically found myself falling in love with her. Then the whole mother incident where all she said was me going swimming with her daughter was inappropriate and I asked why and she told me cause her daughter is 17. She also said going for coffee "fine" but swimming was inappropriate. I explained I had no ill intentions for her daughter and told her she said she was 21. "Oh did she" and that was the end of the conversation. It wasn’t a unfriendly conversation and I felt my heart stop for a brief second. I went directly to her work with the coffee I had got her and said "You shouldn’t have lied about your age” and her face blushed and you could see that her heart stopped to. She said I’m sorry at that point but we couldn’t talk as she was working. I went home and though about the situation and I came up with this. I haven't done anything other than making a friend; yes we kissed and talked sexually but nothing more, so I haven’t done anything wrong. Well she sent me a text and ask if she could come by after work and talk and I said I would like that. She also apologized again and left it at that. Well she showed up and even though she lied I still found myself wanting to hug her which I did. At that point the lie didn’t matter because I've always said age is just a number and it’s about feelings. Anyway since that day I haven’t seen her but we still texted and I miss her a lot. She misses me also.

I appreciate everyone’s comments as they have help me decide that I am going to continue to be friends for now and when she is 18 if were still interested we will move forward from there. I haven’t done anything wrong and falling in love is not a crime.

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  • you're disgusting. find a girl your own age you pathetic cradle robber.

  • Well at least she is almost 18 :) I don't think there's anything wrong with it. Good luck I hope you two will have pretty babies together :)

  • Good for you. Sounds like a very smart decision. Hope it works out. Age is just number, just not when the other person is under legal age.

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