Muder Obsession

I have a murder obsession. I can't help it, but I love seeing blood and gore, and I love hearing and watching murder stories. Though I have thankfully never murdered anyone, I have been thinking about it. I'm way too young to be thinking about this, and I don't want my sick obsession to ruin my life. I'm afraid for my friends as well. Please don't comment on this calling me a sick b**** or a freak. I already know that, okay?

Dec 23, 2010

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  • How can you have a murder obsession when you've never committed murder? Moron.

  • You know, I've got that too and I personally find nothing wrong with it. I'm mostly a straight-A student, I have tons of friends, and my parents love me. I think it's just an sick interest in the macabre. :3

  • It could be something. Could be nothing. See a shrink to find out.

  • You...should see a shrink. And stop watching those films.

  • Saw the show the above comment is mentioning. It's called Obsessed on A&E. Poster, you're not a freak or sick b****..or anything like that. It's one thing to be fascinated with blood and gore..the kind you see in horror films, but if it's becoming and obsession for you and you are having a hard time just distinguishing between the two (not that you have or will commit some crime). You should most definitely speak with a professional about the thoughts you are experiencing. Its sounds like some sort of OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder). Find a therapist who specializes in anxiety and OC disorders. Don't be embarrassed or afraid, you can work through this. You just have to make that call.

  • Oh yeah, that's the show! Thank you for clarifying. :)

  • Um, the person on that show had OCD. She didn't LIKE murder, she just saw herself killing people over and over again and it scared her. Personally, I have OCD. I see myself raping little kids. Sometimes when I'm having s**, I'll see disgusting sexual images of little kids or dead bodies or animals and I will have to stop so I can cry or rock back and forth. I don't LIKE these images. I wouldn't go searching for them unless it was to observe my own physical reactions to them to make sure I'm not really a pedo so I know whether or not to open a vein, OK? I used to like shows that dealt with child rape because I was raped as a kid and the perp always gets caught at the end, but once I started actually seeing the kids getting raped in my mind's eye I couldn't watch it anymore. You can't even mention the word "rape" around me or I'll start gagging and throwing up in my mouth, and I definately couldn't watch a movie with a graphic scene in it. Douchebag.

  • Its not necessarily a sign that you would actually kill someone. I doesn't mean you're a sick freak, either. I've seen this on a show...where the woman thought she'd actually kill someone, and they had to give her therapy to ensure her that she wouldn't actually do it. She held a knife up to the therapists throat at the therapist's request, to prove that she wasn't a freak murderer. She didn't go through with slitting the therapists throat, not even slightly. But anyways...maybe try to talk to someone like a therapist or counselor, because its not good that you're downing yourself over that, afraid for your friends. I wish you luck and hope you can overcome that. :)

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