What should I do.

So, I'm getting married next year and can't wait but something keeps going through my mind so I'm after some help.

I can honestly say there is no other woman that I'd be attracted to over my fiancée but I've always fancied Shemales. Obviously she doesn't know that, it's my darkest secret. It's the only p*** I w*** to and I always fantasise about being with one. It used to only be a small fantasy but it's a full blown obsession now.

Should I find a s****** and do all the things I've ever fantasised about before I'm married to get it out my system?

I have a few of worries either way.

what if I get married and then the obsession gets worse and I do it in the future.

But if I do try before I get married (or give in when I am) what if I absolutely love it and can't stop then?

What if I do it, get it out my system and that's that and then she finds out and leaves me and I end up with nothing?

Any experience out there? Anyone been with one and can tell me if it was a good idea or any experience with a similar scenario, s****** or not?

Oct 24, 2015

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  • Wtf. Is this eddie. F*** this

  • I go holiday in Thailand quite often, 4 or more weeks at a time and I will always play around with some ladyboys. They are great at s** and nearly all of them are gorgeous. For a bi-male like me, this is the ideal solution, playing with guy's t*** while you are blowing him is top notch. I have a middle age lady friend and we sometimes go to Thailand together and we have ordinary hetero s** but we will always have a few nights with a ladyboy FLM is the best 3some you will ever have.

  • Here's the thing. If you do anything with anyone, you would be cheating on your fiance. But if you choose to do so with a S******, you're doing it with a chick with a d***. So have to wonder if you are actually bi. There's nothing wrong with it, it's just incredibly unfair to your fiancee. Because she's thinking you are straight. And here you are actually considering cheating on her. And it sounds like regardless of the advice you receive, you'll probably do it. You can control yourself and if you can't (or want to use that as excuse), then you have no business getting married. You're going to cheat and put her health at risk to get off. If you want to do the right thing, Call off the wedding and break up. Basically, you are not ready to get married. There is no shame in figuring out stuff, but do it on your own time and don't involve someone who is faithful to you. Let her find a man who actually likes and wants to be with a woman. And then you can go seek out any and all shemales and figure it out. But don't waste her time and have her staying faithful while you try to figure your s*** out.

  • Wtf. Is this

  • I get it for you. You single. Now F*** this

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