Alan Rickman

I think Alan Rickman is sexy. None of my friends get it. So I did some googling and I'm, um, not the only one. It's that voice.

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  • Yeah his voice is so hot and sexy. I always adored him, he was an amazing actor, just wish he was still with us

  • I'm so glad to finally find out I'm not the only one who thinks he is sexy

  • Omfg I would do alan rickman any day of the week. No one else gets it. P.s. im a 23 year old female.

  • Posted by Alan Rickman.

  • OMG, the guy is one of my free passes but he is taken. I love him as a great actor, person who didn't have it easy and moved up by talent, and as an incredibly sexy man from about 35 to present. He was cute starting as a young actor, but he got better as he matured. Of course, the voice is one of a kind. I'm with you on AR. Only some women get it. Who cares? The blog sites prove our point. Watch " In Demand " one more time on YouTube.

  • You like who you like. It's all good. He's the one in Harry Potter right? I think he was also in Galaxy Quest..(that movie is funny).

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