Thanks mom.

Mom, I know some secrets.
Some I probably shouldn't know.

I know you smoke weed.
I even found your weed once or twice.

I know you cheated on Daddy with his best friend.
I know that's why you divorced Daddy and why Kyle got divorced too.

I know you wear short skirts and low shirts because you want more attention from men at work.
And it clearly works, considering you come back with diamonds and electronics and cookies ect.

I know you watch intervention because it keeps you from getting high. You aren't actually interested in that stuff.

Please stop this. Mom, your forty, not twenty. Stop doing this to us, please.

Jan 1, 2011

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  • Not to be rude, but everyone smokes weed. Anywhere between 8 and 80. I've seen it myself. Hahaa

  • Weed is the domain of 20 year olds only? Heh... life will teach you a lesson later.

  • how much of an idiot can you be, leave the f***** kid alone, they've been through enough without your homophobic comments.

  • What a b****! :( Sorry, but it's true...

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