So I got a tattoo about a few days ago right before the new years, and i developed a minor crush on my tattoo artist.

I don't even know his name... It's weird because there's a boss who oversees all the designs and he just executes it, though he did design mine. In any case, he first time i saw him i though "No! some rookie is going to be incharge of making my lifetime decision into reality!"

But then I now have a crush on how he laughs, the lower lip piercing and arm tattoo he's got...

I haven't felt something for someone without any reason like this for sometime now, and thought i would never be capable of feeling so.

I'm enjoying this, but I also hope something might happen.

I also think that in a really akward situation to continue meeting him, would requiere me to get more tattoos, or piercings. something i don't really want to at the moment.

have you ever fallen for a tattoo artist before?

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  • Ask him out the worst that could happen is he says no. Don't regret it later just do it. I've made it a point to do things like this. I think of it like buying beer underage go in with confidence hope they say yes if not you get over it and find a new gas station.

  • Well look at all the weight and fat falling off me everyday so fast and how healthy i am now. and I am richer and prettier. never the last time. it goes on and on til I am at my best always and infinity.

  • When I was 17 I got my nose pierced, I had a huge crush on the guy who did it. His tattoo name was 'taz' God did I want him to f*** me good on that chair you get pierced at. He was so f****** 13 years later and I wish I could've said something but I felt way too young to figure that out. Go for it I say!

  • honestly, i would go talk to him and maybe come up with an excuse like, "im just looking around for some ideas of a tat that i might want, any suggestions? how about your number tatted on my t***?" Be funny and creative im sure he'll enjoy the show and be interested in you.

  • My boyfriend is a tat artist. It's not his main occupation, funny thing is I am a blank canvas. I love him very much and he's not your typical tat artist, he has a heart of gold. Don't judge a book by its cover.

  • Well, you should wait until you want another tattoo, OR talk to him.

    You can also stalk him, but he would hate that...

  • JEEESUS CHRIST!!!! There was a looong way down here.... Fake poster WHO ARE YOU???

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